About Us

Wolfstyle Clothing LLC is a New York based clothing company. Wolfstyle Clothing was founded in 2008 underneath the parent company Wolfstyle Marketing and Promotions LLC. The principle owners are Derrick Murray, Demetreus Gore, and Ray Boone. Wolfstyle is a family and therefore, we have other minority stakeholders.

Wolfstyle is a lifestyle brand with creative designs and a logo that transcends culture. Our target demographic is the sports apparel consumer (16 to 45). The fashion forward person looking for something unique and multifunctional.

Wolfstyle is a registered trademark and we have copywrites on the tag lines "WOLF" (W)e (O)nly (L)ove (F)amily and "WOLF FIT" (W)ork (O)ut (L)ive (F)it. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and loyalty!


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