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In 2008, the clothing brand "WOLF" was launched! In 2012, WOLF opened our brick and mortar flagship store in Harlem NYC, called Wolfstyle Clothing. However, the movement started in 1997 with a Harlem based music group named "BAGS." At which time, the parent companies were formed, Wolfstyle Marketing and Promotions LLC and INS Worldwide Music Group. In 2019, we closed the brick and mortar store.

WOLF is a family operated business. The principle owners and stakeholders are Derrick Murray, Dorian & Cater Avery, Andre McDonald, Rodney Warrior, Rufus Ford, Anthony Haney, Keith Bostick, Ray Boone, and Demetreus Gore.

WOLF is a lifestyle brand with creative designs and a logo that transcends culture. Our target demographic is the sports apparel consumer. We cater to the fashion-forward consumer looking for clothing that is unique, comfortable, and multi-functional.

WOLF is a registered trademark with the tag lines (W)e (O)nly (L)ove (F)amily, and WOLF FIT (W)ork (O)ut (L)ive (F)it. 

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Thank you for your continued support and business!

Truly yours,





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